A Clear Communicator

I worked with Kelly Leggett to purchase my first condo in the city of Chicago. I was referred by a friend who also had a good experience with Kelly. After my experience with Kelly, I am also recommending him as an agent. I bought the condo in the heart of Wicker Park 4 months ago, and I feel like I paid a good price based on what is on the market, and also that we found a great location that will resell some day. Kelly’s best qualities are his patience and his forthrightness. I needed to look at many properties because I was not certain of the style or layout that I wanted. Kelly showed me many units, and set up many appointments in the evenings after work, when I was available to tour. He has a keen eye for details and spotted many things that I didn’t see at each property, pointing out both the good and the bad. Kelly never once pushed a property on me, and never once did he start to get restless. He wanted me to find the place that I truly saw as home, and because of his patience, we did. This really built my trust in him and made me realize he is an excellent agent to work with. He is a clear communicator and always follows up promptly. He treats the other agents with utmost respect, which in turn makes everything about the process easier. When we saw the one I wanted to buy, I told him I needed to do the deal quickly, and he made it happen. Kelly gave me detailed comparative market analysis so that I could make the right decision for the property. He followed up with all the parties involved to make the closing happen on time. Kelly has a big heart for people and animals, and gives a generous portion of his earnings to greyhound rescue organizations.

— Shannon E