A Respected Professional

We worked with Kelly for our first home purchase and were very happy and thankful to have found him. Kelly is very knowledgeable about the entire process and his honesty and ability to speak frankly made us feel comfortable throughout the home buying process. I actually felt the need to thank him for his patience with us throughout the process – which took nearly a year. His response was simply, “It really doesn’t matter to me how long it takes for you to find a home, I just want you to be happy with your decision”. His actions and his advice throughout this time proved to me that he really meant every word he said. I never felt any sort of pressure from Kelly during the home search or while negotiating the final purchase.

As I stated, it was nearly a year after we met Kelly that we finally made the purchase. Throughout the year, we came close on a couple of other properties, negotiating but not coming to an agreement on either of the other properties. Kelly was very supportive during those situations and really helped to ease some of the feelings of anxiety that can accompany the negotiating process.

I would definitely go to Kelly again with any real estate transactions. His professionalism is instantly evident when you meet him, and it’s quite obvious from his relationships with some of the other agents we met that he is very respected in the business. He is an enjoyable person to be around as well. After working with and getting to know Kelly during the last year, I am proud to call him my friend, and I recommend him highly.

— Jon M and Maija S