An Honest Individual with a Great Sense of Perspective

In early 2005, my wife and I contacted Kelly about selling our condo in Chicago and finding a single-family home in the near western suburbs. Working with Kelly was truly a wonderful experience on many levels. Kelly demonstrated a high degree of professionalism with us, other agents, and prospective buyers and sellers. He was thoughtful in scheduling appointments around our schedule, treating our home with respect, and caring for our ‘sneaky’ cat. He obviously knows the business. For example, we received what we perceived to be an insultingly low offer for our condo. My wife and I were prepared to tell the people to forget it. Kelly wisely suggested that we never walk away from an offer. So, we countered, very close to our asking price. To our surprise, the buyers accepted and we ended up getting more than we initially expected. Without that advice, we would have surely lost the sale.

Kelly also demonstrated an often rare sense of honesty. Whenever someone viewed our place or when we looked at a house, Kelly was upfront with us about what he thought while careful not to influence our own thought process. He also followed up with every agent and gave us honest feedback. Given how emotional buying and selling can be, his honesty provided a sense of balance we needed.

This process was also made much easier by Kelly’s strong and likeable personality. He is one of the most accessible, affable, and considerate individuals we have met. Kelly was always available to us via email and phone, even if it was to just talk through ideas or unfounded fears! Kelly is a balanced individual with a great sense of perspective. Just being around him puts you at ease. His personality is infectious as evidenced by the numerous remarks made by other Realtors about how nice it was to work with him. This affirmed what we already knew – that we not only had a good Realtor, but a good friend.

— Mike M & Amelia R