Firm but Polite

When we first began our real estate journey, everyone warned us about “real estate people”, saying that each person you meet will be out for one thing and one thing only: their commission and they will wheedle you into decisions that aren’t right for you for their own gain. Well, my husband and I were so fortunate to work with Kelly Leggett, for whom this could not possibly be less true. From beginning to end, Kelly had our best interests at heart, even when there were (many) times it looked like a deal wouldn’t go through.

As first time home buyers, when we started we had no idea how any of this stuff worked. We started doing research on our own and felt totally lost. A smart friend referred us to Kelly, saying “Kelly will be by your side from your first ponderings to the day you get your keys”. Truly, we never could have gotten through all this as smoothly as we did with Kelly.

As we were on a tight budget, Kelly never pushed us to look at anything outside our comfort level. When we felt more bold, he was very helpful and encouraging when we made strategic low offers just to see what happened, even though it was quite a rollercoaster. We ended up getting a great deal on a place that was priced way too high, all because of Kelly’s resolve, patience, and good humor. During very tense negotiations over our apartment Kelly was firm but polite with the sellers. Everyone who works with Kelly enjoys working with him, regardless of what side of the table they are on.

As of last week we now reside in an amazing condo that was everything we wanted, at the price we wanted, and I don’t believe it would have happened without Kelly’s wisdom and hard work.

— Dora F and Norman R