Put Our Interests Ahead of his Own

My name is Franny Apel and I just sold my condo. Back when Kelly and I first met, my name was still Franny Swajkoski and I was staying just down the street from him. That’s how we met – Kelly’s greyhound Chloe was very well known in the neighborhood. I needed a real estate agent, and Kelly accepted the job. Kelly provided great direction and support throughout the entire home buying process. You never would have known that over the duration of the process he was immobilized by a broken leg! Kelly was so dedicated to me and to his job that he attended each showing and would sit outside in a car with his leg propped on a pillow waiting to hear about each location. After all was said and done, I owned a one-bedroom condominium and we had lunch at this wonderful little Mexican restaurant.

Two years and a wedding later, Kelly and I were sitting at that same Mexican restaurant reminiscing and celebrating the sale of the same condominium we had toasted to before. My husband and I were preparing to move to North Carolina and were enjoying our last chance at Kelly’s company. Kelly really makes an effort to develop a relationship with everyone he works with. I could hardly consider myself a “client” because it sounds so impersonal in comparison to the reality of working with Kelly. He was always well-prepared, well-meaning, and respectful. He always had our best interests at heart as opposed to his own. I never doubted him or his expertise and I have recommended him to all of my friends about to enter the real estate market. My husband and I are really glad for the opportunity to write this testimonial on Kelly’s behalf. I know we said thank you many times to him, but I always felt like we were the ones enjoying all the benefits of working with Kelly. So I am grateful to be able to write such a glowing report of Kelly for all the people who will have the future pleasure of working with him.

— Pete and Franny A.